• Custom Murder Mysteries

    We can write a custom murder mystery party for you in a month or less according to your specifications!


    Want a murder mystery composed entirely of zombies, your Dungeons and Dragons campaign characters, or inanimate objects? The sky's the limit! Then again, the sky isn't the limit because we can write murder mysteries in space!


    Your specifications regarding number of suspects, theme, content and plot points is a starting point for us to create a delightful, chilling, or hilarious story! We've been doing this for over five years, and know a lot about how to make an exciting narrative!


    If you have any questions about how to get started, feel free to look at our FAQ page or email us! We can't wait to make all your worst nightmares come true!


  • Pricing



    Base Fee

    Standard Fee: 20$

    Complex Story Fee: 40$*


    # of Suspects

    5-8: 45$ per suspect

    9-13: 35$ per suspect

    14-15: 30$ per suspect

    16+: Please inquire before ordering



    (optional, must be purchased with custom party)

    Standard Party Planning Packet: 10$

    • Links to theme-fitting costumes
    • Links to theme-fitting decor
    • Links to theme-fitting recipes
    • Links to theme-fitting background noise playlist

    Deluxe Party Planning Packet: 25$

    • Includes Standard Packet features
    • Customized graphics to be used as posters or on costumes
    • Customized acting advice for the player's individual characters (accents, body language, etc.)
    • Customized music playlists



    Base Fee

    Standard Fee: 10$

    Complex Story Fee: 20$*


    # of Suspects

    5-8: 30$ per suspect

    9-13: 25$ per suspect

    14-15: 20$ per suspect

    16+: Please inquire before ordering

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    "[Stormy Night Mysteries] was great with accommodating to what I wanted for a murder mystery. I had questions which were answered immediately, and I felt nothing but genuine kindness and consideration with the whole process!"
    -Katie J, UT
  • Frequently Asked Questions

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    Q: Your custom mysteries are expensive. Can I get something cheaper?


    A: We have several pre-made mysteries on my site, which can be purchased at a significant discount.


    Q: I am hosting my mystery party event as part of a non-profit or not-for-profit organization that serves my community. Can I get a discount?


    A: There may be a discount available to you. Please inquire before ordering.


    Q: I want to host a mystery party for a large event (50+ people), such as a family reunion or a company retreat. What options do I have?


    A: There are several potential ways we can serve a large event such as this. Please inquire before ordering, so we can get a clearer picture of how to execute your vision, and to establish a price and delivery time.

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    Q: What kind of mystery parties do you write?


    A: The mystery parties are discussion-based, lasting 1 hour, in which the suspects ask each other questions and attempt to determine the truth surrounding a crime (typically a murder). One of the suspects knows they are guilty, and must use deception to avoid being caught. There are two rounds of discussion, the first without evidence and the second including it. At the end, the suspects guess who is responsible, and the guilty party is revealed!


    Q: What kind of themes can you write?


    A: We write funny, complex, and engaging mystery parties of a wide variety of themes! They can be for any age group, with a variety of difficulty levels. Various kinds of time periods and pop culture phenomena can be spun into the narrative! Even if the idea is completely unique to you, we can still make sure we are giving you a showstopping mystery!


    Q: How many suspects can I include?


    A: We typically write mystery parties with 5 to 15 suspects (see pricing). For an event requiring more suspects, please inquire before ordering.


    Q: Do you write mystery parties for kids?


    A: Yes! We write mystery parties for kids. Kid-themed parties are discounted.


    Q: What kind of mystery parties do you NOT write?


    A: While we are flexible regarding many different kinds of content, there are some stories we do not feel equipped to explore, or are comfortable creating.


    We will not write mysteries containing graphic violence, graphic sexual content, racist, sexist, anti-LGBTQ+, or otherwise hateful messages, or mysteries featuring living people as suspects. We reserve the right to refuse any order. Message us if you have questions!

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    Q: How long does it take to recieve my order?


    A: Typically, orders take anywhere from 2 weeks to a month and a half to complete, depending upon the complexity of your request and demand. Prior to payment, we will provide an accurate delivery date.


    Q: I need my order for my party that's really soon. Can I pay extra to get the order within the month?


    A: If you have a specific date you need the mystery story by, please indicate in your order. Expedited orders and their prices will be determined on a case-by-case basis.


    Q: I need my custom mystery ASAP! My party is happening tomorrow!

    A: There is an option to expedite your order, but ultimately, we do need some time to write the mystery from scratch. We will most likely not be able to complete an unreasonable expediting request.


    If your need for a murder mystery is especially pressing, check out our pre-made themes, which are sold at a significant discount!




    Q: Do you provide decorations or costumes for the party?


    A: No, we only provide the story! It is the responsibilty of the host to provide decor and food, and the guests to dress up. However, we can provide planning help packages to make sure your decor, food, and costumes are thrillingly perfect!