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    Hear what our sleuthing customers have to say!

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    "We had a ton of fun trying to solve the murder of who killed Hannah Watts at the Theta Kappa Pi sorority house! Special thanks to everyone who came and to Stormy Night Mysteries for writing the mystery!"

    -Ashley N, UT

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    "These murder mysteries are so original! I had a blast with my friend group, we even went as far as to dress up for the event and made a whole night out of it! These are super fun for birthday parties or just a reason to get the squad together, and we enjoyed every minute of it!"

    -Kenzie H, UT

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    "It was such a fun experience! Very easy to follow! Not too simple, but totally doable! It was also nice that it was custom and not a generic murder mystery that I have heard a million times and could guess after 5 minutes."

    -Brant J, UT

  • About Us

    It was a dark and stormy night...


    Or was it a bright and sunny afternoon? It might've been a pretty average autumn morning. At Stormy Night Mysteries, we can always find a mystery to be solved, regardless of the weather.


    Our team of writers creates mystery parties with all kinds of themes. Our mysteries are character driven and discussion based, where you and your friends work together to smoke out the criminal amongst you! Of course, if you're the guilty party, your goal is to throw everyone off the scent.


    Several pre-made themes are available to purchase. However, if you're itching for something unique and one-of-a-kind, we can create a custom murder mystery party for you in a month or less!


    If an entertaining, engaging, and wholly unique mystery experience is your goal, we're just the writers to help you out! Feel free to send us a message if you have questions, or set up an order if you're ready to try your hand as a detective.

    Got your deerstalker on, and your pipe in hand? Yes? Great! Then what are you waiting for? Message us away with any questions you have, and happy sleuthing!